Monday, July 6, 2009

early Fourth celebration

Our 4th celebration weekend didn't go down exactly as planned, due to the crazy weather we've had. . but we had fun nonetheless. We drove up to Rangely for the day & hung out at camp. We ended up getting lucky, without rain until we were BBQ-ing, so we just moved it all inside. On the drive back, the rain turned into a full-fledged storm...I took a couple of lightning pictures from the saftey of the van :-)
We saw 2 young moose on the way home....this was a male with his antlers just starting.

A sign of the Fourth...Priscilla always adds the flags around camp.
Out for a canoe...we watched 2 loons for quite awhile....then headed back at the 1st rumble of thunder!
Hope you all had a happy, safe Fourth of July!

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Karen said...

Nice lightening photo! Scarey but very nice!