Friday, October 23, 2009

the waiting game

I've been a bad blogger. I admit it.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with doctors appointments, bloodwork, ultrasounds, trips to IVF clinic in Boston and some bed rest. Now, the waiting begins. I go in for serum pregnancy test on Oct 27th and the waiting is killing me. Its amazing the little head games you can play on yourself when you are waiting for such important news. I have been doing yoga, acupuncture & massage to stay as relaxed and calm as possible, but those panicky moments still seem to slip in.

The good news....I test 4 days from now & will get the news late that afternoon or the next morning. I can do it. I have a busy, fun weekend planned to keep my body and mind occupied. Scrapbooking with friends, Harvest Supper, pumpkin patch and carving & an evening with my niece. . . I'm even going to remember to take lots of pictures!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a few random musings...again

more random musings from me....

*watching Oprah today. . .an amazing family I have been keeping tabs on through various blogs will be on sharing their story of a their recovery from a near fatal plane crash. Check out her blog at She is an inspiration.

*had ultrasound & bloodwork done 6 of shots for IVF. Back for another ultrasound & bloodwork on Friday. Crossing my fingers for egg retreival (ER) on Monday.

*received an amazing compliment today that made me feel REALLY good. Its sometimes hard to be nice when you feel crummy but this person noticed & complimented me. Smiles.

*LOVING my new laptop.....sitiing on the couch with my kitty curled up beside me, listening to it pour outside. . .sigh.

*cooked a turkey last night & we'll now be eating turkey-based concoctions for 2 weeks. Patrick is thrilled...he'll eat turkey soup for a week if I let him

*my Mom is leaving for Ireland tommorrow...SO Proud & excited for her! I loved my travels in Ireland...esp Killarney.