Saturday, August 29, 2009

such a fun week!

We had such a fun week with our nephew, Najee, and our niece, Katie, last week! Here's a brief lowdown....marathon board game playing (Sorry, Operation, Connect Four), journal writing, Barbies, playing outside, jump rope competitions....A day at Pine Point with sandcastles, boogie boarding, picnic, and dinner/Arcade at OOB pier.
Man, those kids love a cooking project. We made M&M cookies and Rice Krispie treats. They also hosted a restaurant night dinner at out house for our family....complete with menus, aprons, tips and more.
Art projects favorite were their picture frames.
Spent an afternoon on the boat fishing, swimming and holding on while Uncle Patrick kicked up the speed.
So thankful to have these kids in our lives. Our home was full of activity while they were here. People say, oh you must be so tired & glad to have your peaceful house back. Well, to be We'd give anything to have our home full of kids and treasured every fight, mess, and yawn. Sorry to go all soap-box on you all :-)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

So excited!!!

We're headed to Six Flags in Mass!!! Meeting my sis in law there with her kids & we're all going to ride until they kick us out ....I'm a roller coaster/thrill ride gal. Then, my nephew, Najee, is coming to stay with us for a week.....and my neice Katie is going to stay with us too! Looking forward to beach days, craft projects & hanging out with the kiddos!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

fun concert night....

Wendy, Katie & I are heading to the Wallflowers concert on Saturday night. I haven't listened to them for awhile, but love their music...and Jakob Dylan. The concert listing says opening with "Special Guest"...think it'll be his Dad or a local artist? either way, I'm psyched for a fun night

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

on the boat

The Sat of Clam Fest, we took the whole family out for lunch and fishing on Patrick's new boat. We had such a great time. The kids all got to fish for mackerel...and caught a lot.
When Patrick kicked the engines up the water flew...and the kids LOVED it! That's Trevor getting us all wet.
Kavi & I....he loved being on the boat & loved the water.
Shannon, Maitre, Kavi, Sunithi, Gracie, and Christie inside the wheelhouse.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tons of Clam Fest activities

Kids playing with sparklers :-) Sat night
Celebrating Sunithi's (sis in law)birthday....nephew Kavi is helping her out....and no, she isn't turning 40, that's all we had for candles at the house
Yum! Lobster and salad & corn on the cob....summertime in Maine.
Katie & Cooper hitting the rides at Clam Fest. It was really hot but those kids burned through the ride tickets & got to play a bunch of carnival games...Uncle Patrick is SUCH a sucker :-)
Najee testing out the new Slip n'Slide we got for the afternoon....a bit hit.

Monday, August 10, 2009

we take time out....

We take time out from this otherwise happy-go-lucky blog to have a bit of a rant (am I dating myself here? Dennis Miller, anyone?). Anyway, it takes a LOT to make me angry. I'm the gal who sits back, thinks about things, considers how to approach it differently so everyone is happy, etc. Well.....I am ANGRY & FRUSTRATED!!!!

Patrick came home from 2 days of fishing a tournament (his 1st overnight on the new boat) to find the specially-made ramp that he uses to get off the boat was missing from the dock. Lots of wondering & suggestions on where it might be & frustration levels high for everyone involved. Yesterday, the marina had their diver check under the docks to se if if somehow "fell" over (it is metal & weighs a ton so it couldn't fall by itself). They found it 50 yards away from the end of the dock....there is no way it could have gotten that far without someone throwing it.

I am surprised everyday at the levels of stupidity, ignorance, and hate in the world. Who does something like this? Even if its kids being stupid, doesn't it cross their mind, for just a blip, that this obviously expensive piece of equipment is necessary for someone? As Patrick's friend, Keith, said,"Do we have to paint a ------- handicapped symbol on the damn thing so people won't touch it?!"
This marina is supposedly secure & safe and they are going to check their security cameras. I hope to heck they figure out who did this. UGH!

Monday, August 3, 2009

We love a PARADE

The Clam Festival really kicks of on Friday with a fantastic parade. Again, our tradition is to hit the Adams house (who live right along the parade route) for a party. Everyone brings a different kind of salad...nd we have hot dogs & ice cream sandwiches too! Then, we get a front row seat to all of the parade action.
Lots of bands, but I especially loved this military band.

Seriously?! This guy was so talented...juggling and riding unicycle the entire parade route.

My 1 year old niece, Annie, who LOVED the parade! She had a blast & we loved watching her reactions to everything coming down the street.

Clam Fest...the beginning

The Yarmouth Clam Festival is a HUGE deal in our family....everyone comes up for the weekend & our houses are usually packed with family. I'll divide this up in a few posts because there is SO much!
Friday, we had lunch at the festival...good time to go without the big crowds. We checked out the craft show too...always find cool things there & end up going back a couple of times throughout the weekend with different family members. I was pretty well behaved this year...I bought myself a Clam Fest tshirt, Patrick bought BBQ sauce (HOT!) and a cool shirt for me :-)
My nephew, Kavi, asking the clam "who are you?". I love that kid.
more about parade, boat trip, fireworks & rides in a few days.
Have a gorgeous summer day...can't believe its already August!

ahh...bad blogger!

I realized I haven't posted in a REALLY long time! The summer-crazies have caught up with me. I'll do my best to play catch-up....
Went to Meredith, NH for my Gram's 90th birthday party weekend July 13th. So fun to see family we usually only see once a year, meet newly-born cousins, and watch my Gram grin from ear to ear. We had a pig roast....don't worry, I didn't add any of those pictures :-) and it was fantastic! I think everyone ate a little too much that afternoon.
My Gram opening gifts with my cousin, Jenny's, kiddos Jordan & Marisa.

My brother, Corey, and my Mom. Nice to have an excuse for us all to get together.
Patrick hit it off with the guys who run the pig roasting business...they were characters! Anyway, we'll be having a pig roast here next summer in exchange for a day of tuna fishing. Not a bad trade.