Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a few random musings...again

more random musings from me....

*watching Oprah today. . .an amazing family I have been keeping tabs on through various blogs will be on sharing their story of a their recovery from a near fatal plane crash. Check out her blog at She is an inspiration.

*had ultrasound & bloodwork done 6 of shots for IVF. Back for another ultrasound & bloodwork on Friday. Crossing my fingers for egg retreival (ER) on Monday.

*received an amazing compliment today that made me feel REALLY good. Its sometimes hard to be nice when you feel crummy but this person noticed & complimented me. Smiles.

*LOVING my new laptop.....sitiing on the couch with my kitty curled up beside me, listening to it pour outside. . .sigh.

*cooked a turkey last night & we'll now be eating turkey-based concoctions for 2 weeks. Patrick is thrilled...he'll eat turkey soup for a week if I let him

*my Mom is leaving for Ireland tommorrow...SO Proud & excited for her! I loved my travels in Ireland...esp Killarney.


Amber said...

I think NieNie is an inspiration...what an amazing story she has! I need a new laptop sooo bad...what kind did you get?

zoesimm said...

hi Amber, thanks for commenting. I got an HP with a 17" screen so I can actually see everything....a great deal at Best Buy as it was the last one in stock & new model coming in. I love it!