Thursday, January 15, 2009

catch up time...

i need to do a quick catch-up post so I can move on to all the fun, new stuff.....
*yes, that is the picture from our Christmas card...our dogs, Murphy & Oscar. Its a good thing we love them so as Oscar has cost us $250+ lately at the vet with double ear infections. Poor little bugger.
*Christmas was fun, crazy, and hectic as usual. Being the daughter of divorced parents, we end up having abou 3-4 Christmas events. Don't get me wrong, I love being with family but it gets exhausting.
*shopping road trip with my group of crafty gals....lots of fun to hang out with all of them. We're getting together tonight for potluck dinner & crafty fun.
*still working on new website for online store. This has been a HUGE lesson in computer workings and such. Its getting there, but I don't want the site advertised until it is PERFECT :-) I've been working on new kits and have 4 shows lined up to sell my goodies.
*we're moving forward in the baby department. Appointment with yet another new doctor in Boston last week that was very optimistic. We're waiting to here back on some lab work before we schedule more. The last IVF attempt put me in a funk, so I'm trying to be more guarded this time. BUT, it is a new year full of hope.
*Patrick & I are going to the Keys for vacation in Feb. So excited for some warm weather, offshore fishing & celebrating Patrick's birthday.
*I am officially now a knitter! I have always wanted to knit scarves and blankets, etc but could never get the hang of it. My very patient stepmother, Bonnie, is a knitting expert & helped me through it. I've knit a doll blanket and a scarf so far.....working on a new scarf now & have yarn to make a hat & mittens to match. Of course, this brings a whole new shopping obsession....yarn stores now make me as happy as scrapbook/fabric stores.
*and, I am doing Weight Watchers with my sister-in-law. We started last week. I won't lie, there have been some struggles already....just goes to show me that I don't always snack when I'n actually hungry. After 1st week, I'm down 2.5 lbs...yeah!

that's it for the big catch-up....have a great day!

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