Tuesday, March 3, 2009

catch up time...again

man, I seem to be slacking on this blog these days...a month since my last entry. Ok, I'll do a catch-up post & then...I am committing to blog at least once a week. :-)
*went to Florida Keys with my in-laws and sis in law, Cami. Enjoyed gorgeous weather, snorkeling, beach/pool time & just being away from it all....of course, we had a huge snow storm & no power when we got home but I cling to the quickly fading tan I have for strength!
*as of today I have been doing Weight Watchers for 2 months....and i have finally found my groove. Being in FL helped, as we did a TON of walking and swimming...which helped me continue exercising when I got home. I'm happy with my progress thus far & am so happy to have Wendy as my WW buddy to go through it all with me.
*another snow storm yesterday....wholy cow!!! I'm dreaming of growing vegetables, playing in my flower gardens, being outside....
*Patrick's new boat is really coming along. I'm so excited to go up & see it soon.
*the time has finally come for me to start thinking about retiring my beloved suburu....she's 9 years old and was just diagnosed with a problem that will cost me more than she's worth when I have to fix it. ugh. Trying to figure out what car comes next....and where the money will come from to pay for it
*I'm excited for March 15th...my nephew Najee is coming to stay with us for a week! He's in private school & they have 2 weeks for Spring vacation. We'll have a ball
that's it for now....feels good to catch up

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Karen Cheetham said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation! Keep the tan until Sunday so that we can all be jealous!!! Tanned AND loosing weight! Good job Kelley!