Wednesday, March 11, 2009

crafty mojo flowing.....

I got together with my crafty girls on Sunday & had a great time. . . I always go home full of ideas and excited to roll out all the crafty projects. What's on tap...finish quilt I'm making for back of our new couch, finish St Pat's bookmark tags I started at Karen's house, and get going on my niece, Annie's, 1st year scrapbook. . . oh yeah, and 2 new scrapbook kits for the website :-) I'll post photos when I'm done..promise.

Spent yesterday checking out cars (do NOT want to buy a new car) and having a long lunch with my friend, Jen, who I haven't seen in awhile. I love catching up with friends you haven't seen in months but when you get together, you flow right back in to the comfort of friendship. Ok, mushy -I admit I am :-)

I made my homepage for Internet, so each day I log on and see something inspiring. They have a new feature called Craft of the Day, so I've been printing all of these amazing projects to do someday and putting them in a binder. I love to hoard project ideas!

Snow & rain here today..yuck. I am SO ready for spring. I bought a bunch of seeds for vegetables for my gardens & flowers to put in my cutting gardens this year. I've hinted to Patrick that I'd love another raised veggie bed this year & that would be a PERFECT birthday gift for me in April. Nope, I don't need fancy jewelry or trinkets...just give me more dirt to dig in!


Karen Cheetham said...

Thanks for coming on Sunday! I will put your copics in your SU order bag. Do you want me to email pics of you and Sassy AND you and the mud? I just love the two photos of you and Sassy! I started my Aerogarden a couple of weeks ago and the herbs are going gangbusters now! If I can't have spring outside, then I will make my own spring indoors ;-)

Karen Cheetham said...

So glad you could make it on Sunday Kelley! I love the photo of you in the mud :) I did absolutely nothing during our gathering except for Molly's easter basket template. Our SU order arrived. Do you want me to keep it at my desk at the clinic...or should we meet up? You just name it! I have put your copic markers in the bag also. Have a great weekend!