Monday, February 8, 2010

Word for 2010

Following in Ali Edwards footprints, I again wanted to choose a word for focus on this year. Last year, I chose "believe" and devoted a lot of time and energy exploring "believe", what it meant to me, and staying positive. We had a difficult year, with more IVF attempts failing and the crummy economy, but I think we stayed pretty grounded...believeing that there are always bumps in the road on your way to happiness and fulfillment. My crafty friend, Pamela, even made me the most amazing felt heart with "believe" on it as a helpful reminder.
This year, I have chosen to focus on "hope" in all of its facets. May we all have a bit more hope in our lives.

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Goonie Mom Christie said...

Hope is my word of the decade. No worries, my dear. The universe will unfold as it should and you will then see it was all meant to be...xo