Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YEAH! news finally

after lots of bad news phone calls and medical reports, we were finally blessed with a good news phone call.....our homestudy is complete! Patrick & I went to sign it today & I'll be bringing it up to Augusta for state certification this week! Another HUGE checkmark on the journey into adoption. To keep you up to speed, here's roughly the process works from here...

~MAPS (our homestudy Maine agency) sent in our I600A form & check today....its an application for a visa to bring an orphan into the country.

~I'm continuing to gather/write/notarize all of our dossier paperwork that will go to Ethiopia with our homestudy.

~once we receive approval of I600A form & our appointment for fingerprinting(can take 1 to 3 months), we will officially be welcomed into WACAP's (our International agency out of Seattle) Ethiopia program and go onto the waitlist!!!!

~all of our paperwork is sent to Ethiopia & WACAP's staff there to help in referral of a child from one of their many orphanages..... wait time for referral once family is on waitlsit is officially 1-12 months but has been 7-10 months for last year or so.

~If we accept referral, roughly 2 months until court date then 1 month until travel to Ethiopia.....these are all loose dates as things happen earlier and later than that

I am so excited to continue moving forward in our dream of a family & this step forward makes us so happy!

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