Wednesday, April 29, 2009

garden goodness

Summer is finally here in actually reached 85 degrees yesterday! The screens are on the windows, the furniture is on the deck, and the rakes are out while the shovels take a break....I love it! I have spent the past few days outside getting ready for summer and gardening. The vegetable garden is mostly planted & seeds are growing for the tomatoes to plant later. I'm weeding all of the flower gardens and making notes in my garden journal to plant more crocus & daffodils next fall (but, I always seem to write that down & forget to actually do it :-)
Here a couple of my favorite flowers blooming now....I'm gradually filling my gardens with those gorgeous blue hyacinths.
Today will be cooler, but sunny & beautiful. Patrick is having some minor surgery today, so we'll be stuck inside at the hospital...bummer. The poor guy gets very worked up about going to hospitals (and rightfully so) and today is no different. Plus,i watched yesterday's Oprah while on the treadmill when they talked about has turned me into a Purell-toting junkie.

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Molly B said...

Very pretty flowers! I am loving walking around and seeing what new flower have started up around here too. I just love spring. Good luck with Patrick's surg today. Hope all goes well so that you all can be out enjoying the sunshine soon. -Molly B