Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

I've been doing my best to be more friendly to the earth & am constantly adding some new "green" item of practice. Here are just a few....
*using cloth napkins instead of the paper ones we used to use
*using dishcloths instead of paper towels when possible
*washing laundry in cold water & using "dryer balls" instead of dryer sheets
*eating less meat
*choosing organic foods and products whenever possible
*stopped using bottled water as much as possible
*reusable bags for all shopping 9when I can remember to take the blessed things out of my car and into the store..geesh!)
*reducing plastics (esp. food storage)
*organic pest control & compost in my gardens
I know there is a lot more we can do in our household & I continue to add things often.
Have a great GREEN day!


Karen Cheetham said...

Good for you Kelley! I have been doing the same type of stuff. It's a slow process, but every little bit counts! I have the same issue with the reusable shopping bags. I always forget them!

Molly B said...

Beautiful flowers! What is it with those grocery bags?!? I remember when I see the sign on the door at Hannaford "Don't forget your bags!" Great time to remind me after I am at the store, LOL! Have a great weekend. -Molly B