Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunday afternoon with my Crafty gals

another fun afternoon with my Crafty gals at Pamela's house. Sorry that Catherine couldn't be there & Karen had to dash.
We celebrated Molly's b-day (her's is the day after mine!!) with gifts & cupcakes....yum.

1 of Pamela's 3 adorable dogs...this is Harvey napping in Molly's lap with his head on the table...oh the doggie's life :-)

I love the drive to Pamela's house....twists and turns along the ocean...gorgeous. Thanks for the great day,ladies.


Karen Cheetham said...

I could only stay for a short while, but wished I had the entire afternoon. You guys looked like you were having fun! The dog photos are adorable!

Molly B said...

Ah, Harvey! He is so cute! Thanks again for the B-Day party! It was a great afternoon. Can't wait till next time! -Molly B