Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brimfield goodies

A friend of mine gently reminded me that I hadn't shared any of my goodies from you go Heather. My favorite find of the day and 1st purchase...a big wooden letter S. Here it sits in its new home on our mantle. Not everyone gets it, a couple of people have told me they think it is weird.I love it...S for the Simmons family!
these are just some of the pretty beads I scooped up. They were dirt cheap & I have big plans for them...necklace with multi strand and bracelt/earrings with teal strands.
I also bought a long recipe box of dove-tailed wood (love it), more beads, ribbon, trims, an embroidered pillowcase and an embroidered tablecloth. I'll try to remeber to take pictures of those soon.

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