Monday, May 18, 2009

quilt progress

I am happy to be making steady progress on my latest quilt. I machine-quilted for the 1st time....and was really happy with the results. Now, I need to do the binding...the part I'm looking forward to the least! But, I am dying to get that quilt on the back of my couch so I'd better get crackin'! I also have about 8 sewing projects planned so I have to keep moving on.


Catherine said...

It looks beautiful!! Can't wait to see it in person! Will you be home on Wednesday?? Ian has a cross country meet around the corner from you - so I thought I would drop your grocery bag by....if not I'll hang it on the door knob!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley!

You asked on my blog were I got the white cabinet in the baby room... It's IKEA, only $129 with the changing table add on... which could be a lot of money except when I don't need the changing table, it's a great kids book case.

This quilt you're working on is darling! My mom actually made my baby a quilt out of the same fabrics! Jim mentions the fowers every time he sees it, but good boy fabric is SO hard to find!

Sarah Milne