Friday, May 8, 2009

my backyard

just a few photos from my backyard when I was in a photographing mood. This hug granite ledge raises our house above the river.

a mourning dove during her afternoon snack at our birdfeeders.
one of the waterfalls....

and the other waterfall. I have to say, I truly love our backyard!


Leesavee said...

Hi, Kelley...I found your blog through the Mainely Ethiopia group! Just wanted to say hello...I know what you're going through. What an adventure we have on our hands!!! I'd love to hear more about your process, etc. Best, Lisa

Leesavee said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I adopted my dog Leo from Almost Home...he came from Arkansas soon after Katrina. LOVE HIM. If you visit my blog,, you'll see him (and my dachshund, Roscoe).

They are both VERY excited about our adoption, as they have told me for some time now that they wanted us to adopt some cute little humans! :)