Friday, May 15, 2009

Brimfield madness

We had a blast on our roadtrip to Brimfield. A leisurley drive down with stops at a couple of scrap/stamp stores was just what the doctor ordered. After a gut-stretching dinner at Olive Garden (seriously on a WW points vacation too!) we settled in for early bedtime b/c we wanted to hit the show early....well, I was deterred by the "Biggest Loser" finale until 11pm. The next day, we were walking the show by 7am! To say there were a ton of vendors is an understatement. We shopped for a steady 7-8 hrs and didn't even hit half of the show. Man, I was glad i brought my Crocs for the drive dogs were seriously barking.
A very cool booth of buttons, beads, trims, etc....we all loved it but the prices were one bought from this one.

Catherine & Karen posing at the beginning of the mile stretch of road full of fields and vendors...they're smiling b/c it is just the beginning!

All of the cool stuff we bought in the back of my car...

Visiting a scrap/stamp store in Mass...sorry your head is cut in half, Karen...hopefully you got a better shot.
I'll post pics of the cool goodies I brought home..need to clean them all up today.


Catherine said...

thanks for posting your pics Kell, I had a great time THANK you for driving!! have a great weekend!

Karen Cheetham said...

Cool pics! That trip got me through a busy time at work! We worked all day yesterday taking inventory, and I am at work today to finish up! I needed that trip! And yes, thank you so much for was a nice change for me! Loved the entire trip and the fun we all had!