Saturday, August 29, 2009

such a fun week!

We had such a fun week with our nephew, Najee, and our niece, Katie, last week! Here's a brief lowdown....marathon board game playing (Sorry, Operation, Connect Four), journal writing, Barbies, playing outside, jump rope competitions....A day at Pine Point with sandcastles, boogie boarding, picnic, and dinner/Arcade at OOB pier.
Man, those kids love a cooking project. We made M&M cookies and Rice Krispie treats. They also hosted a restaurant night dinner at out house for our family....complete with menus, aprons, tips and more.
Art projects favorite were their picture frames.
Spent an afternoon on the boat fishing, swimming and holding on while Uncle Patrick kicked up the speed.
So thankful to have these kids in our lives. Our home was full of activity while they were here. People say, oh you must be so tired & glad to have your peaceful house back. Well, to be We'd give anything to have our home full of kids and treasured every fight, mess, and yawn. Sorry to go all soap-box on you all :-)

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