Monday, August 10, 2009

we take time out....

We take time out from this otherwise happy-go-lucky blog to have a bit of a rant (am I dating myself here? Dennis Miller, anyone?). Anyway, it takes a LOT to make me angry. I'm the gal who sits back, thinks about things, considers how to approach it differently so everyone is happy, etc. Well.....I am ANGRY & FRUSTRATED!!!!

Patrick came home from 2 days of fishing a tournament (his 1st overnight on the new boat) to find the specially-made ramp that he uses to get off the boat was missing from the dock. Lots of wondering & suggestions on where it might be & frustration levels high for everyone involved. Yesterday, the marina had their diver check under the docks to se if if somehow "fell" over (it is metal & weighs a ton so it couldn't fall by itself). They found it 50 yards away from the end of the dock....there is no way it could have gotten that far without someone throwing it.

I am surprised everyday at the levels of stupidity, ignorance, and hate in the world. Who does something like this? Even if its kids being stupid, doesn't it cross their mind, for just a blip, that this obviously expensive piece of equipment is necessary for someone? As Patrick's friend, Keith, said,"Do we have to paint a ------- handicapped symbol on the damn thing so people won't touch it?!"
This marina is supposedly secure & safe and they are going to check their security cameras. I hope to heck they figure out who did this. UGH!


Goonie Mom Christie said...

Idiots in the world!!! I hope the cameras pick him or them up and you can kick their asses out of the marina. Harumph!

Pam Woodhead said...

I have a few good ideas about retribution, but I'd rather meet them face to face and "educate" them!!!!