Monday, August 3, 2009

Clam Fest...the beginning

The Yarmouth Clam Festival is a HUGE deal in our family....everyone comes up for the weekend & our houses are usually packed with family. I'll divide this up in a few posts because there is SO much!
Friday, we had lunch at the festival...good time to go without the big crowds. We checked out the craft show too...always find cool things there & end up going back a couple of times throughout the weekend with different family members. I was pretty well behaved this year...I bought myself a Clam Fest tshirt, Patrick bought BBQ sauce (HOT!) and a cool shirt for me :-)
My nephew, Kavi, asking the clam "who are you?". I love that kid.
more about parade, boat trip, fireworks & rides in a few days.
Have a gorgeous summer day...can't believe its already August!


Karen said...

LOVE the giant clam! Very cool! Had a great time yesterday at Catherine's. Can't wait to learn how to make rugs too! Have a great week and I'll be watching for more clam fest. pictures!

Shannon- said...

Once again this year I miss the Clam Festival. Its just one of the things I miss about living in Southern Maine- being able to spontaneously attend these wonderful events. Ahhh.

ps- I'm awake at 4 am and am finally cathcing up on our mainely ethiopia folks blogs. Now I'm adding them to my list! Stay well!