Monday, August 3, 2009

ahh...bad blogger!

I realized I haven't posted in a REALLY long time! The summer-crazies have caught up with me. I'll do my best to play catch-up....
Went to Meredith, NH for my Gram's 90th birthday party weekend July 13th. So fun to see family we usually only see once a year, meet newly-born cousins, and watch my Gram grin from ear to ear. We had a pig roast....don't worry, I didn't add any of those pictures :-) and it was fantastic! I think everyone ate a little too much that afternoon.
My Gram opening gifts with my cousin, Jenny's, kiddos Jordan & Marisa.

My brother, Corey, and my Mom. Nice to have an excuse for us all to get together.
Patrick hit it off with the guys who run the pig roasting business...they were characters! Anyway, we'll be having a pig roast here next summer in exchange for a day of tuna fishing. Not a bad trade.

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