Tuesday, June 16, 2009

great day for a party

I was SO THANKFUL for a break in the rainy weather for Patrick's boat christening party on Sat. We had lots of family & Patrick's fishing friends around to celebrate. I loved seeing him smile from ear to ear all day!
So surreal seeing my name on the back of the boat :-)

I made caramel corn in paint cans for party favors....people seemed to like it.

Me, breaking the bottle of champagne over the bow afterPatrick said blessing of boat.....SO HAPPY the bottle broke on 1st try...I slammed that bottle!
So, come July, I'll be a "fishing widow' but I'm happy knowing how much joy this boat will bring Patrick & that he'll be safe, comfortable, and secure out at sea.


Karen Cheetham said...

Nice Kelley! Glad you had a good day for the event :) Happy boating!

Catherine said...

Congratulations on having a beautiful day and a lovely christening of the boat!! there's always craft days to help get over the thought of being a fishing widow.....