Friday, June 19, 2009

my husband, the tuna fisherman

Ok, I know I've been talking about Patrick's boat a lot recently, but it is a pretty big deal here in our house. Yes, I have more fishing adventures to tell......

When Patrick took ownership of the boat & they went out for sea trials, a reporter from the news drove up and asked to do a short story about Patrick & his wheelchair-accessible boat. We kind of forgot about it...until yesterday! The story ran on WCSH 6 news at 6pm. I DVR-ed it for Patrick because he was out fishing. Here is the link to the story:

(it gets better)....then I get a call in the afternoon....Patrick caught a tuna! This is the 1st fish of this season & the earliest fish he or any of his friends have ever caught. He was beyond excited. I met them at the dock, along with a big crowd, to snap a ton of pictures. His friends Anthony, Maury, and Brian were out with him. Its of to the tuna auction & he'll find out next week what it sold for. So happy & proud of my husband.

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