Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my Dad, the wildlife savior

I am definitely my Father's daughter......in many ways, but we especially share our love of animals. I remember him bringing home all sorts of creatures....the blue heron that recouperated in our horse stall, the chickens from a barn fire he helped fight, dogs in crummy conditions that he'd pay the owners $50 for. Anyway, he found an injured loon last week, brought it to a rehab then was asked to release it after its wing was healed. Of course, I was there to see it all ....and release a sea gull that they gave him too :-) I was amazed how big the loon was, having never seen one so close. You'll notice the gloves he's wearing....those loons have SHARP beaks!

After release, the loon did well, flew a bit, swam & dove for a snack. A happy day for all.

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