Monday, June 8, 2009

the Kelley Anne is here!

I've been hard at work on invitations for 4 separate occasions lately....boat invites (more below), invites for my Gram's 90th b-day, and 2 sets of invites for customers...phew!

Patrick's new boat, the Kelley Anne, is finally here! She's resting at her new marina by Joe's Boathouse in South Portland ( my fav restaurant!). Patrick is just beside himself to have a boat that is completely accessible to him & his every need. As much as I may gripe about waking up at 3am so he can fish for tuna, my heart is full seeing how happy he is.
This week, amid getting projects done for the store site, I'm working on favors and final details for Patrick's boat christening. We're keeping it small...just family and Patricks' fishing buddies, because you can only fit so many people on those skinny docks! I'm a little nervous about whacking the champagne bottle on the boat though....


Goonie Mom Christie said...

Helly Kel!
What happens at the Christening? Me and Gracie may make it. Trev has two playoff bball games that day so we're waiting to see what order they happen in...oh, and the invites are divine!

Karen Cheetham said...

Congrats on the christening of the boat! Patrick must be so excited! Take photos of the event!